How To Be the Church During the Coronavirus

Latest Update (7/4/04):

Church Family: Due to rising COVID cases and hospitalizations, and in following the recommendations of state & local authorities, the pastors are strongly recommending (but not requiring) masks for anyone over the age of 10, unless health conditions would prevent you. Again, masks are NOT being mandated, but we are more strongly urging as many as possible to wear a mask.
We understand that there are various opinions about the current Covid crisis as well as the effectiveness of masks. However, the pastors ask that you set your personal preferences and freedoms aside for the sake of one another.
We are still holding 2 services (8:30 & 10:30) and encourage continued social distancing.
Please consider reading this helpful article to help you think further through this as a believer.

Watch Past Services Posted During the Quarantine

Our services during the quarantine were recorded and placed online each Sunday morning at 10:30am. These are available on this website, Facebook (both Keltys private and public pages), and Vimeo. You will be able to click on the links below to go to those pages.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday, April 12, 2020: Easter

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday, March 22, 2020 Service

How to Continue giving to the Church Ministries:

You can continue giving financially to our church several ways.

  • You can mail in your offerings to P.O. Box 3043, Lufkin, Texas 75903.
  • You can drop by our church office Monday – Thursday from 9-noon.
  • You can give through our church app or online giving. For instruction on that, click here.

Weekly Scripture to Read as a Family:

Psalm 91 – Consider reading this Psalm as a family or as a devotional.

Women’s Conference Postponed:

The Women’s Conference set for April has been postponed. It will meet on Friday and Saturday, October 16-17. Click here for more information.

Church Office Hours During the Pandemic:

The church office has been closed due to city ordinances. If you need to contact a pastor, please send an email to

Helping Others Ministry:

Several church members have asked about helping elderly and those in need. The best thing to do is to go to the Keltys private Facebook group page. Several have posted on the Keltys private Facebook group page offering to help those who may need grocery shopping, help, or any assistance. Please go to the Keltys private Facebook group page and feel free to reach out to one another, offer services, or post helpful thoughts.

Why we aren’t holding a parking lot/drive-in service:

Hello Church Family –

The pastors met Monday afternoon, via video conference, for our weekly staff meeting. A majority of our time was spent in discussion of whether or not we should attempt a parking lot service for this coming Resurrection Day service (Pastor Mark had discussed it in brief during one of his recent Facebook Live videos).We decided not to have a parking lot service, but to continue with our original plan of having the online service as we have the past few weeks. Below are three primary reasons why we decided against the parking lot service:

  1. People may not stay in their cars.  People will want to get out to use the restroom and some will be tempted to go and say “Hello” to so many they miss.  While we may, in our minds, be committed to not doing that, it still happens. For example, during our last public gathering before the stay-at-home orders were given, we had asked everyone to refrain from shaking hands, hugs, etc. Several people purposely ignored our request (for various reasons) and put others in an uncomfortable position of choosing between being rude and rejecting a handshake, or putting themselves at risk.
    The pastors do not want to be responsible for making others sick if we can help it.  Case in point, a few weeks ago, a Washington state church met for choir practice, used hand sanitizer, social distancing, etc. and many got Covid-19.  The story is here:  
    While we do not live in fear, we do live with the responsibility to love others enough not to put them in that situation and to consider others better than ourselves (Philippians 2:3-4)  
  2. There are too many logistical concerns. As mentioned above, people will need restrooms, we’d need several to help navigating parking, and there really isn’t a section of our parking lot large enough to fit very many vehicles. Also, parents will have restless little ones who won’t want to sit in the car.  Lastly, there would be cars driving by that will want to stop just to see what’s happening. All of these factors have the potential, then, to violate our government ordinances.
  3. At this point it is still best to submit to our local government. We are commanded to do so per the apostle Paul’s instruction in Romans 13:1ff. Our governing authorities are here for our protection (protecting our health, in this scenario); and they have asked us to not gather.  You can read the official statement here.  
    Governor Abbot and our city officials (including our own Keith Wright!) are pretty great folks! In fact, they sent all local pastors a letter this week to assure us that they have no intention of overstepping the church.  A portion of the letter reads:

    “In the interest of transparency, we want to make clear that city government officials make no claim of generalized jurisdiction over churches, religious institutions, or worship. The orders issued, which have the force and effect of law, have been aimed… to protect the health, safety and material welfare of all its citizens.
    We know you possess a separate jurisdiction over the spiritual welfare of your members and parishioners, which makes us all the more appreciative of your thoughtful cooperation with the city in doing its own duty.
    We now sincerely request your prayers, and we urge each of you to use whatever means at your disposal, within the directions provided by Mayor Brown and Governor Abbott, to call your people to concerted prayer, while calming their fears, and increasing their confidence in Divine Providence. These things are beyond the jurisdiction and expertise of government. Only you can do them.”

    What an awesome letter! We want to honor those in authority and help them in every way we can. 

Beloved, we trust that these are sufficient reasons for our decision and are grateful for your ongoing prayers, encouragement, and submission to your pastors (Hebrews 13:17) during these unprecedented times. 
We look forward to worshipping with you this coming Resurrection Day, in the Spirit and on the internet! 
We love you. We miss you. We are praying for you.

The KFBC Pastoral Staff