First Time Guests

guest informationIf you visit with us you will find these answers helpful:

1. What time are your services?


  • 9:00am: Sunday school
  • 10:00am: Fellowship Time
  • 10:30am: Worship Service

2. What should I wear?

Answer: We have no dress code.

3. Where should I go?

Answer: Enter through the south entrance under the south portico. There you will find guest parking spaces. Upon entering our Welcome Center is located at your immediate left. They can direct you to locations.

4. Is there a Bible version you use?

Answer: The pastors preach from the ESV (English Standard Version). You are welcome to bring any version of Scripture.

5. What about children?

Answer: We have a nursery offered up through their Kindergarten year. Sunday School is for all ages at 9am.

6. What is your worship style?

Answer: We hold to a blended worship. We believe in practicing love and patience toward people who like different styles, have a different age, or preference. Our goal is to glorify God and not worry about the preference of man. We make it our goal to worship together in God’s presence and not be divided by musical styles. For this reason, we do not have two different styles of worship service. Both morning worship services are the same.

7. What is your preaching like?

Answer: Our goal is to go through the Bible in an expository preaching manner. That means that we take the subject of the sermon to be the subject of the days given biblical text. Usually sermons are preached in a series, and the series go through books of the Bible. Rarely we will have topical sermons based on need, times, etc. Mostly, expository preaching of the infallible, inerrant Word of God.

8. Can anyone come to Keltys?

Answer: We do not tolerate prejudice. All are welcome. Our hope is to build a church that unites multi-ethnic and multi-cultural people under one roof of worship. That alone will be a powerful witness to a divided, self-centered, and sinful world. Sadly, despite our best efforts we have only been able to attract one particular culture to the church body. We pray that changes, and we work toward that goal.