Membership does have its privileges.  In a New Testament church, membership provides for, among other things, encouragement and accountability.  In the New Testament, there are over 100 passages dealing with the “one another’s”  Implied in the “one another’s” is the sense of relationship.  We at Keltys consider relationship, and therefore, membership, very important.

Membership enables accountability through church discipline and facilitates spiritual growth as we live out the gospel and the one anothers. Together, as a community of believers, we can leverage our varied spiritual gifts to impact our own church body and the community at large with, and for, the gospel. When you become a member of Keltys FBC you are affirming the following:

  • You are committed to God.  You have been born again and have been baptized as a profession of faith to publicly show that you are a believer.
  • You are committed to our church covenant and the vision and values of Keltys FBC.
  • You are committed to being discipled and to discpling others.

Membership Process

There are four steps to becoming a member at Keltys.


  • Attend a Keltys 101 membership course.   Learn about the church and decide if this is your home.



  • After you submit the Membership Profile Form a pastor will contact you.
  • Meet with the pastor.
  • The pastor will give you a date to publicly “walk the aisle” and introduce you to the church body.


  • Walk the aisle on your appointed date given by the pastor.  You will be presented to the church.
  • Congratulations, as the church accepts your membership and you now become an official member of Keltys First Baptist Church (The Church Clerk will send for your letter at your former church as needed).
  • Check our “what next” page to find out next steps for new members or look at the getting connected page to find ways you can get connected with the church body.