Sunday School

Sunday School Small Groups: SOUL CARE. Located in the Adult Wing of the Church. You are welcome to attend any Sunday School class, but we’ve also included the general age demographic for each.

(Click here for the facilities map).

Room 302: Sonshine Class (Ladies of all ages)
Taught by: Sandy Nunn & Marlene Arnold

Room 305: Keltys 101 (Membership Information Class)
Taught by: Church staff & pastors

Room 306: Youth Girls
Taught by: Ashley Curry & Laura Usleton

Room 307: Encouragers (Women’s Class)
Taught by: Ann Griffin

Room 308: Youth Boys
Taught by: John Usleton & Chris Hawthorne

Room 310: Adult Class (Men’s and and Women’s Class)
Taught by: Kevin Gee & Bill Adams

Auditorium: Adult Class (Men’s and and Women’s Class)
Taught by: Gene Elrod

Sky Deck: Berean Class (All ages 20’s & up)
Taught by: Kirk Siber, Aaron Dudley & Paul Johnson

Nursery is provided. We also have children’s classes for all ages.