We love having members volunteer for ministry. We also strongly desire to protect our children from harm in ministry and because of that we ask everyone who works with kids to do three things.

If you want to volunteer with any children, youth, or adolescent ministry you must first, attend our church for at least 6 months.

Second, please fill out a student ministry background check. You may pick one up in the office or you can download it here.

Finally, you need to go through our volunteer safety course. To access the course please


1. Go to this link

2. Click the option to join using your church’s ACCESS KEY. (Access Key: jqjjadt6 ) Finish the registration process.

3. Go to TRAINING. Click on Child and Youth Safety. Then click on options. Click ACT to Keep Children’s Ministry Safe

4. View the Video.

5. Go back one screen and click the button that says Take Test Now.