What to Expect at Keltys

What to Expect at Keltys

Thanks for planning on joining us. We know it can be intimidating to visit a new place where you are unfamiliar with the people or the place so here is a little more on what you can expect.

What are your services like?

You can expect traditional hymns and modern worship songs. Each week is different but every week is dedicated to worshipping God.

What should I wear?

Clothes. Simply put, we have no dress code. Some people wear suits and dresses while others dress more casually in jeans. The only thing we ask is that you honor God and respect others in your dress.

What are the sermons like?

At Keltys, our sermons are expository, that is, we expose the meaning of the text, generally following a verse by verse pattern and provide commentary and examples to make the text clear, understandable and applicable. God has chosen to reveal himself through scripture and we believe it is of highest importance to make sure people are hearing His word.

Where do I go?

You will probably be met by one of our greeters who will direct you to our information desk, which should be your first stop. It is located in our main fellowship hall area (that’s the big building.) You can’t miss it. There will be people there that will help you find a class or help you get your kids checked in.

What about my kids?

We love having children in our services and encourage parents to worship together as a family! You’ll be amazed how much your child can learn from the sermon and from watching you as you worship.
To help parents in this transition, we have a nursery available up through their kindergarten year. This gives your child a year to practice sitting still at school before joining mom & dad in “big church!”
Be sure to get a Kids Zone at the Info Desk to help your child listen and take notes during the sermon!