Nursery Director


Meet Brittany

Nursery Director at Keltys First Baptist Church


Brittany Burke┬áserves as our Children’s Ministry Nursery Director.┬áBrittany has a Bachelor’s Degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She has worked in childcare for the past 9 years. As the Nursery Director, Brittany has a strong desire to minister to families by assisting parents in disciplining and raising their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Brittany professed faith in Christ at the age of 12. She is married to Wesley Burke and they have 3 children.


Contact Her

Phone: 936-634-4019 (Leave a message with Lanelle)


For your safety and your child’s safety the following procedures are in place at all church events:

  • Workers are screened with a background check and proper training for children ministries (Admins are CPR trained).
  • The Children’s Wing (and the entire church campus) is monitored by 24 hour video recorded survellience. Each class room contains a camera, and parents can go to the hall monitor screen located in the children’s wing entrance and watch class room procedures.
  • Children are given a secure automated check in sticker upon arrival. Only parents with the matching sticker can pick up said child.
  • Pagers are available for parents who might need to be contacted.
  • Doors remain secured and locked during services, and volunteers monitor hall ways and doors.