Keltys Worship Service, January 8, 2023

Chris Taylor
January 8, 2023

Keltys Worship Service, January 8, 2023

Series Title: Rescue: The Glory of God in Exodus

Text: Exodus 25:1-9

Title: 5 Principles for God-Honoring Worship

Big Idea: Worship is grounded in the glorious promise of God’s presence.  

A Summary of Exodus 1-24Promise, Plagues, Passover, Presence, Parting of the Sea, Provision, Pulverizing enemies, Precepts (the gift of His word), and Place

What does our passage teach us about worship?  

1. It’s __________

2. It’s ____________ 

3. It’s _____________

4. It’s __________

5. It’s ______-___________

Discussion Questions:

1. What challenged you the most from today’s sermon text?

2. How does Exodus 25:1-9 relate to Exodus 1-24? What do we learn about God in Exodus 1-24, and where do these same attributes appear in today’s passage?

3. Of the 5 Principles for God-Honoring worship found in Exodus 25:1-9, where do you need to focus more attention and why?

4. How might we apply these 5 principles today as Christians? Give several examples.

5. Why should Christians give financially to the church? What does a refusal to give reveal?

6. How might you encourage a fellow believer in the church with today’s passage?

7. How might you prayerfully apply today’s passage? What points from the text do you need to pray about?